25 maj 2016

Som igår

It was on a Tuesday afternoon
Josie was one of those easy girls who had wide eyes
And she was drawn in by the incense at the mission room bar
You know, once she got in the boys attacked her like o movie star
And as soon as she got nervous she was drinkin' and smokin'
Like a lover caught chokin' on another man bone
But clicking her heels wouldn't get her home
She called ma laughin' from a pay phone

On this Tuesday afternoon
Josie got caught in the mission room
Where the man are crazy and the women are too
Before you know it's Wednesday in the afternoon
In the afternoon

Just before 2:15 in the morning
Josie was doin' the hustle with a ruffneck named james
And they were bumpin' and grindin' and grindin' and bumpin'
You know once you get there it's hard to stop the bass from pumpin'
And as soon as she was willing jimmy jeep was rollin'
And her lips were swollen from the fat shit she was tokin'
By 4 o'clock his waterbed was broken
She called me nervous from his cell phone

On this ...

It ended on a Wednesday afternoon
Josie arrived at my apartment with mascara running down her cheeks
She was crying like a baby saying:"what a mistake!"
I had to sit on my hands to keep them from slapping her face
'Cause as soon as I asked her if she used protection
I saw Josie's complexion turn a shade of grey
Now what am I supposed to say?
Just don't party on a weekday

On this ...

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